GlobeWeigh Group has manufactured, installed and maintained weighbridges in Ireland since 1995. Since then we have been the sole distributor for Europe’s leading manufacturer Weightron-Bilanciai. Over the years we have grown to become one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of quality weighbridges. Our weighbridges are manufactured to the highest standard at our modern fabrication plant in County Armagh, using stainless steel European loadcells. All weighbridges are supplied and fitted with a weighing indicator suited to your specific needs, an optional printer and a software system relevant to your industry.

Our weighbridge solutions including surface mounted weighbridges, pit mounted weighbridges, steel weighbridges and portable / mobile weighbridges. Weighbridge hire is also an option.

  • CSPM Surface Mounted Weighbridge
    CSPM Surface Mounted Weighbridge Superior Performance and ReliabilityOur surface mounted weighbridge features a simplified robust buf...
  • SBPMC Weighbridge
    SBPMC Weighbridge The SBP/MC weighbridge is available in surface or pit mounted versions. The surface mounted height i...
  • Eurodeck Steel Weighbridge
    Eurodeck Steel Weighbridge EuroDeck Steel WeighbridgeWorld leading weighbridge technology!Strength and DurabilityThe EuroDeck i...
  • Weighbridge Hire
    Weighbridge Hire Purchase and installation of a weighbridge is a significant investment. If you need a more cost-effe...
  • Mobile Weighbridge
    Mobile Weighbridge The SPT28 mobile weighbridge brings a new dimension to mobile or portable weighbridges. Its unique f...
  • Livestock Weighing
    Livestock Weighing GlobeWeigh provide a range of animal weighing solutions for the agricultural sector.Cattle Mart Weig...
  • Weighing Calibration and Verification
    Weighing Calibration and Verification We offer a range of weighbridge calibration and weighbridge verification services throughout Norther...
  • Silo & Tank Weighing
    Silo & Tank Weighing Available with individual load cell capacities from 50 kg to 200 tonnes, the GPA kits are designed f...
  • Weighbridge Software
    Weighbridge Software Aweighsys Weighbridge Management SoftwareWritten in-house, The GlobeWeigh Aweighsys Standard Weighin...
  • Weighbridge Conversions & Upgrades
    Weighbridge Conversions & Upgrades Weighbar and Mechincal Weighbridge ConversionsGlobeWeigh are able to offer wighbridge conversions fo...

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Weighbridge Facts

In Ireland/UK a standard articulated truck will have a wheelbase >13.5m – therefore weighbridges are generally 15m x 3m. Abnormally long vehicles such as those with trombone trailers will require >18m x 3m

In Ireland/UK the maximum gross weight for road going vehicles is 44,000kg, therefore weighbridges are generally calibrated up to 50,000kg (sometimes 60,000kg).

Weighbridges can be installed on a slope. GlobeWeigh weighbridges can be installed on an end to end slope (no cross fall) up to 4% – i.e. 600mm (2′) over 15m.

 Avery Weighbridge PreciaMolen Weighbridge Riteweigh Weighbridge DMC Weighbridge Gravitation Weighbridge Shering weighbridge

Choosing Your Weighbridge

This quick guide explains the advantages of the different types of weighbridges. Decide if your weighbridge will be concrete or steel, and if it will be pit mounted or surface mounted.

Concrete Deck Weighbridge Steel Deck Weighbridge
  • Less expensive than steel
  • Very hard wearing
  • Low maintenance (no painting
  • etc)
  • Lighter structure – easier to lift than concrete
  • Easier to re-site than concrete
  • Faster installation than cast on site concrete
Pit Mounted (flush) Weighbridge Surface (above ground) Weighbridge
  • Shallow pit (500mm) reduces civil engineering costs
  • The new design allows access into the pit for ease of cleaning
  • Is unobtrusive and takes up little room
  • Allows traffic to pass over it in any direction, thus is suitable for sites with restricted access
  • Easily kept clean
  • Relatively inexpensive and simple foundations
  • Vehicles will be positioned on the bridge at all times (i.e. it is unlikely wheels will be off the deck)

We also provide a range of animal weighing systems for the agricultural sector such as Cattle Mart Weighing Systems, Pig Weighers and Multi Animal Weighers.

Weighbridge Maintenance

We provide 24/7 weighbridge maintenance and repair packages including supply and fit of spare parts, calibration services and annual verification certificates. Find out more about our comprehensive service and support packages.


Weighbridge Software

Written in-house, The GlobeWeigh Aweighsys Standard Weighing System has been designed to be an extremely cost-effective, flexible, entry-level solution for a broad range of industries. This system enables you to carry out a variety of industry-specific tasks depending on the version supplied. It is used in a variety of industries.

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