Luceo Vision System

Full vision top and bottom including seal contamination

The Vision System, ThermoSecure L, provides full packaging inspection for an easy end-of-line integration. The system inspects the seal, labels, and information positioned on the top and bottom of packs. Before case packing, the stand-alone inspection machine detects defects and consequently rejects them. In the event of a drift in production, an alarm alerts the operators so that the problem can be resolved immediately. ThermoSecure L prevents rework operations on defective packaging, complaints, and product recalls due to package integrity problems.

In addition to a package integrity guarantee, the machine automatically contributes to the total traceability of the product, by archiving all images captured during production and by monitoring the packaging line with a regular output of production reports. ThermoSecure L is compatible with a wide range of products and addresses a number of inspection needs. The machine comes as standard in IP65.

ThermoSecure L checks 100% of products, including seal contamination mislabelling or misinformation on any area of the packaging.


  • Full packaging inspection: seal and labelling can be simultaneously checked
  • Guaranteed accuracy of packaging for the product
  • Automatic sorting of products which do not correspond with reference criteria
  • Modularity to integrate a wide variety of sensors according to control requirements
  • Well suited for multi-format lines with automatic changes
  • Robust optical and vision systems resulting from 30 years of Luceo expertise
  • Hygienic machine design
  • Compatible with a wide range of products (thermoformed or top sealed trays and flow packs, seal area can be fully transparent, partly coloured or printed)
  • Traceability tool (image backup with date and time for defective products, counters and production history, and machine history).

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