SBPMC Weighbridge

Pit or Surface Mounted weighbridge suitable for all uses that maximize yard space

The SBP/MC weighbridge is available in surface or pit mounted versions. The surface mounted height is 400mm and a minimum foundation depth of 500mm is recommended. The SBP/MC can be poured on site or pre-cast/stressed versions are available.

Weighbridge Strength

The SBP/MC is designed in accordance with BS 5400 to carry vehicles covered by the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations.

Paint Finish & Steelwork

All steelwork is shot-blasted to remove mill scale and surface imperfections. The steel work is then coated in a high-performance epoxy primer (50 microns) followed by a specialised hard coat alkyl enamel finish (75 microns).

Inspection Plates

Each standard 15m weighbridge has three sets of inspection plates (end/middle/end). These plates are used to access to the pit for cleaning and maintenance of load cells. The end plates are 465mm deep and come in a 1,250mm & 1,7500mm set (to make up the 3,000mm width). The two and three section weighbridges also have 270mm x 3,000mm middle plates for access to load cells

Load Cells & Cable Protection

All load cells supplied with the SBP/MC are of the canister type and made from stainless steel. Digital and analogue load cells are available. All load cells are approved for trade and are EC compliant. All SBP/MC cables are run through conduit for protection and connected at a central stainless steel junction box.

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