Top & Base Labelling

Fully automatic weigh labeling systems with top labeling and integrated base labeler capable of printing all variable data on either unit.

Top and base labelling is one of the most widely used types of labelling. Often used to apply variable data to pre-packaged food or pre-printed packaging, such as an expiry date, a batch number or a list of ingredients.

This process is also commonly used to apply promotional labels therefore top and base labelling is also used on fresh and pre-packaged cheese, sausage and meats.

Depending on individual needs, only the top or only the bottom may be labelled as the product passes the station. The range of possible packaging applications ranges from frozen packaging, to cans, to glass and plastic containers, where speed and precision are important. Top and base labelling also has other applications such as labelling of cardboard boxes.

The GLM-I with fully integrated bottom labellers or as an add-on unit provides the ability to print variable data on both top and bottom labels giving complete flexibility in the ever-changing world of food labelling.

Using either air jet or the new belt labeller applicator we can accommodate a wide variety of pac1k and label sizes, even triangular shaped packs can be labelled effectively

All labellers are controlled from the one colour touchscreen for ease of operation and as a product is selected it can automatically activate either one or all labeller’s depending on customer requirements.

All label design and data maintenance are centrally controlled with BRAIN software modules.

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