Average Weight System

Average Weight And Quality Attribute System For Off Line Monitoring of Product Compliance

Key features of our Average Weight system are:

  • Multi Station Sampling
  • Average Weight Statistics
  • Quality Attribute Data
  • Multi Device Connectivity
  • Industry Specific Solutions

Average Weight

Our Average Weight System is PC based with a SQL database for all batch records. The product file is setup as PLU’s and can have the following fields:

  • Product code / number
  • Product description
  • Nominal weight
  • Tare of container/Packaging

All product data is password protected to avoid unauthorized specification changes.

Sampling is completely configurable and can be determined by frequency and number of samples – for example a schedule to sample 5 pieces every 30minutes can be set up with all the records stored against the batch. A batch number will be auto generated or it can be entered manually.

Quality Attribute Data

Our system allows for a number of external devices to be connected via RS232 to enable us to capture a number of quality attributes which can be industry specific. This ensures that each of the tests are logged against a batch number for full compliance.

Our system can connect to

  • Scanners (For product identity)
  • Torque Meter
  • Refractometer
  • Co2 Meter
  • Alcohol Meter
  • Colour/haze detector
  • Other testing devices with RS232


All test data will be stored against a specific batch number. This ensures that for audits or general queries it is easy to retrieve the specific data. The data can be provided in various report formats either manually or automatically - e.g. a non compliance could immediately generate an email to a technical manager.

On completion of a batch the operator can see a summary to advise of compliance and completion of the checks required.

For legal compliance a report will be generated and stored for all the average weight statistics required under the 3packer’s rules.

Touchscreen System

Our hardware has been tried and tested for over 20 years with our units being manufactured using the latest touchscreen technology and high quality stainless steel housings and scales.

Our system has been designed with a clear and concise user interface to enable simple operation. The screen displays each set of weight samples as they are being tested. Any attribute results are also clearly displayed on the screen. This also ensures that the operator is immediately aware of any non compliance or omission of a required test.


GlobeWeigh partner with Europe’s leading scale manufacturers to ensure high quality scales are used for our projects. Accuracy is required to ensure correct weighing along with the scales being robust and suitable for the environment they are installed in.

The instrumentation that we use is manufactured in Germany by Bizerba. This unit is trade approved and is IP69K ingress protected.

Globeweigh provide annual calibrations and trade approved verifications to ensure the device is   compliant for average weight application.


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