Dynamic Checkweigher CWEMaxx

The standard dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx is available in a large number of combinations and is normally used in the food industry, but can be used in non-food for weighing ranges up to 15kg

For quality assurance at the highest level.

This standard dynamic checkweigher is available in a large number of combinations including combi checkers with a metal detector or to be used with an end of line vision inspection system, LabelSecure. The Dynamic Checkweigher CWEmaxx series is often used in the food industry, mainly in middle and high-performance settings. In the non-food area, they are used in production lines with high output and for weighing ranges of up to 15 kilograms.

All Bizerba Checkweighers are modular. Modular checkweighing enables you to add further belts and inspection systems to the production line, effortlessly incorporate a weighing system to any part of the line with little or no adjustments required.

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