C-wrap Labelling

Fully integrated automatic weighing and labelling system providing C Wrap labelling at up to 120 packs per minute.

High Speed C-Wrap Labelling

C-Wrap labelling is commonly used in the food industry, particularly in the labelling of meat products. Products are weighed on a dynamic integrated weigh scale and all product data is prepared and printed on the label. The unique C Wrap applicator moves the label into position and the product is then automatically labelled on three sides as it is driven through the system. A motorised packaging guidance system featuring support and alignment rails ensures consistent labelling and perfect presentation of the product on the shelf.

We assist customers to identify the right C-Wrap labelling system and configuration for their business. Our high-speed C-Wrap Labelling have a wealth of features and benefits which include:

  • Fully integrated communications between the weigh scale and printer
  • Automatic height and crosswise adjustment via PLU
  • High-speed conversion between C-Wrap and top labelling
  • High quality printing with options for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing
  • Printing over the entire length of the label up to 300mm
  • Print up to 200 packs per minute on some models
  • High-speed label changeover reduces downtime and maximises line throughput. Using a twin head set-up, the second head operates when first head runs out of labels.
  • Additionally, a second head may be used for flash labelling
  • Labels can be quickly and easily designed and input and data maintenance and statistical software provide complete management control from a central PC.
  • Simple operator control via colour touchscreen interface which is customised to individual requirements
  • Proven hardware and integrated software package for label format / PLU maintenance
  • Designed for ease of maintenance and minimum downtime with remote access available
  • One point of contact for sales and ongoing maintenance services

Our Bizerba GLM-i High Speed C Wrap Labeller is used to label packs of chicken fillets and whole chickens

It has also been used successfully in the mushroom industry by Hughes Mushrooms.

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