CRAFT (Catch Report And Traceability System)

Accurate weighing, labeling, and traceability at sea

GlobeWeigh are experts at identifying strategies to maximise production efficiency and manage compliance in the fishing industry, having worked with many of Ireland’s leading fish Co-Op’s and fish processors.

Our expertise covers a catches journey from sea, to shore, to the supermarket. Onboard weighing, using a range of specialist marine scales, allows products to be weighed and labelled accurately in even the roughest of seas. This uniquely addresses the requirements of the frozen at sea prawn industry, as well as the white fish industry, providing complete traceability and compliance with regulations. Our wheelhouse systems also provide a viable labelling and traceability solution for frozen at sea prawns, facilitating the labelling of inner and outer boxes, and in a range of European languages, when required.

Our solutions manage the intake of fish from boats, into the factory, whilst maintaining full source and traceability details, which is essential to meet SFPA regulations. The CRAFT software system is one of the solutions we offer. CRAFT onshore solutions include full traceability systems, which trace the catch back to the boat, area and time of the catch.

CRAFT software is trade approved for onboard weighing, complies with EC legislation and provides full traceability reporting. It has an intuitive touchscreen interface and a fully enclosed labelling system. Users can box and label the catch whilst on-board, ready for sale. GS1 barcodes are generated for the labels which are compatible with all compliance requirements and label information can be updated at the touch of a few buttons making CRAFT a very versatile software solution for skippers in the fishing industry.

Two versions of the CRAFT software are available:

  • CRAFT fixed weight boxes where the system can be located in the wheelhouse
  • CRAFT variable weight labelling software encased in a robust 316-grade stainless steel enclosure for variable weight labelling in the hold.

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