Pallet Labelling

Automatically label pallets on three sides at varying heights with GS1 / EPC Global Standard A5 labels.

Pallet identification labelling is required in various manufacturing, industrial, transport and logistics companies. Our Bizerba GLM-P 2S is an ideal solution for many businesses. It provides:

  • Fully automatic labelling of pallets on up to 3 sides of the pallet and at three different height levels, ensuring that the pallet can always be read during transportation.
  • High speed printing and labelling to deliver a throughput of up to 300 pallets per hour.
  • Vacuum plates move to the label location without the need for manually moving the pallet
  • Labels comply with EU traceability regulations
  • Shipping data conforming to GS1 / EPC Global standards is automatically printed and applied on A5 size adhesive labels
  • An optional barcode scanner checks the printed label
  • Downtime for label changes is kept to a minimum due to an easy label loading process within the printer and label rolls containing up to 2000 labels
  • Can also be connected directly to pallet weighing scales, providing weighing, recording, and labelling in one automatic sequence.

Used as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a system, the GLM-P provides a completely flexible solution to your logistics requirements.

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