Medical Scales

A range of scales suitable for the medical profession

Shekel H551-01 Class III Chair Scale

This Chair Scale with its patented design maintains Shekel's reputation for reliability and uncompromising precision. This ergonomic patient product caters for a patient's care needs, including safety, comfort, ease of use for the caregiver and has low maintenance requirements.

  • The armrests can be lifted separately, allowing the patient to slide from their chair to the chair scale.
  • The footrest can be folded for easier access.
  • The chair scale has four heavy duty wheels for easy portability.
  • The rear castors are lockable which ensures the safety of the patient.

Shekel H151-05 Class III Physician Scale with Height Rod

Lightweight and slender, the Healthweigh® Physician Scale is a professional tool providing precision weighing information. The patented scale is multifunctional.

  • Height and weight are indicated in a single task operation for BMI calculation.
  • The adjustable height rod is suitable for children and adults.
  • The platform is wide and coated with a silicone mat for patient comfort.

Shekel H151-07 Class III Floor Scale

The Healthweigh Floor Scale is designed for professional needs.

  • The large, stand-alone Healthweigh® Titanium Indicator has a sturdy built-in bracket for wall, table or floor mounting.
  • The scale has a wide silicone mat for added comfort.
  • Weight is digitally displayed, and BMI is automatically calculated after entering the patient's weight.

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