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From a chemical laboratory to a chemical tanker GlobeWeigh have a solution to your weighing requirement’s

GlobeWeigh is a leading provider of weighing solutions to the Chemical and Petrochemical industry. With a range of products from a small bench scale to large vehicle weighbridges, and from labelling systems to checkweighers, we will identify the right solutions for your business.

Chemical storage silos and hopper storage bins are often used by petrochemical companies to safely store hazardous or corrosive chemicals. They are unloaded and transported via tanker trucks. Our weighing systems are used to determine how much liquid remains in the silo or hopper once one or more loads have been dispensed.

Chemical and petrochemical weighing systems must be correctly calibrated to achieve accurate weightings as system inaccuracies can result in product quality issues, poor inventory control and loss of revenue. Achieving accurate data can be challenging in the case of silos, tanks and vessels, especially if they cannot be readily emptied or taken out of service for extended periods. Applying calibrated weights is often impractical and can also pose a health and safety hazard. Similarly, use of flow meters is only suitable for limited applications and disposal of calibration water can be expensive.

GlobeWeigh provide accurate vessel calibration using the force transfer calibration technique. Load cells are installed under the silo, hopper or tanker to facilitate accurate weighing and data records. A push-up or push-down technique can be employed, depending on the application.

Push-up Method

The jacks and reference load cells are installed beneath the vessel feet in parallel with the system load cells. The load applied to the vessel via the jacks reduces the load on the system load cells, whilst increasing the load on the reference cells by a comparable amount. A series of loads are usually applied to provide a linearity check. This method can be used on vessels containing material.

Push-down Method

In this method, a temporary goal-post type structure is attached to the vessel so that the jack can apply load directly down onto the system load cells. The loads measured by the reference load cells are compared with the increased loads, as measured by the system load cells.

GPA Pre-calibrated Weighing kits

GlobeWeigh utilise GPA kits, designed for rapid installation on tanks, silos, and vessels. Available with individual load cell capacities from 50kg to 200 tonnes, the units comprise of low profile, fully sealed, stainless steel load cells, integral mounting hardware, and a stainless steel junction box. Optional weight indicators, smart junction boxes, and local displays complete the comprehensive offering and full ATEX compliant versions are available for use in hazardous areas.

These pre-calibrated sets make on-site installation extremely simple and, in most applications remove the need for costly and time-consuming calibration procedures. The load cells can also be supplied with terminated customised cable lengths to suit specific applications and the self-aligning mounting kits come complete with anti-lift and side restraints to ensure optimum system integrity and load introduction. The optional smart junction box offers a number of key operational benefits and stores the calibration data in its memory. This can be extracted either locally, via laptop PC, or remotely using ethernet connectivity.

These load cells have been tried and tested in many installations across Europe. In addition to use in chemical and petrochemical environments they are ideal for applications across many other industries including food, animal feed, pharmaceutical and waste recycling.

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