Eurodeck Steel Weighbridge

Pit or surface mounted full steel weighbridge’s to help utilise yard space

EuroDeck Steel Weighbridge

World leading weighbridge technology!

Strength and Durability

The EuroDeck is a dynamic concept in weighbridge design. Based on tried and tested 'Orthotropic Technology' which is utilised in thousands of road and rail bridges worldwide, the fully welded steel structure offers exceptional strength and durability, is available in both pit and surface mounted versions, and provides a very cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Weighbridge lengths can vary from 7-18 meters, with capacities up to 60 tonnes. The EuroDeck is also Weights and Measures approved to 6000d.

Optimised Design

It is constructed from pre-formed longitudinal trapezoidal steel beams which are continuously welded to the tough Durbar plate top deck using automatic welding procedures. This forms an uninterrupted seam. Front, back, and side plates complete the structure, ensuring the inside of the folded beams are fully sealed from the environment. The EuroDeck Weighbridge design ensures there are no welds in the areas of maximum stress, thereby minimising the possibility of metal fatigue in the structure.

The complete weighbridge structure is shot-blasted and then treated with proprietary surface coatings prior to painting, preventing corrosion and offering lightning protection. The integrated design ensures there are no traps for water or build-up of debris, whilst the load cell mounting arrangements allow easy access from the top of the weighbridge for servicing.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

The EuroDeck is fitted with GlobeWeigh's CPR stainless steel analogue load cells as standard. Robust load cell mounting assemblies, together with the integral end and side stops, ensure optimum load introduction and long-term accuracy. Load cell access is easily achieved through removable top plates in the deck. As an optional extra, the EuroDeck can be installed with our CPD digital load cells, fitted with rodent-proof cable.

The EuroDeck boasts a comprehensive family of instrumentation, peripheral equipment, and dedicated software packages which extend its capabilities.

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