CSPM Surface Mounted Weighbridge

Cast on site, low cost, robust weighbridge suitable for environments such as quarry, farms, recycling etc

Superior Performance and Reliability

Our surface mounted weighbridge features a simplified robust buffering system which uses special 'v' blocks to buffer the deck against transverse and longitudinal movement. This design eliminates the need for conventional tie bars.

Cost Effective Concrete Weighbridge Cast On Site

Surface mounted weighbridges are robust weighbridges and suitable for multiple environments including farms, quarries, and recycling centres. The concrete foundation slab of the surface mounted weighbridge is cast in-situ. The design minimises transport costs and eliminates the need for heavy lifting of equipment on site. With a concrete weighbridge cast on site, you can achieve a high-quality weighbridge at a much lower cost.

Clean Design to Minimise Dirt Build-up

Dirt build-up can be a problem with conventional weighbridge designs, especially at quarries and waste sites. The CSPM weighbridge is ideal for such applications and includes various design features to reduce dirt build-up:

  • Load cells are positioned away from the ends of the weighbridge
  • High rise design providing additional clearance under the weighbridge
  • Cleaning access at each end of the weighbridge

Superior Finish

The weighbridge frame is shot blasted and finished with primer and a gloss topcoat. It has a total thickness of 110 microns. Its mechanical supporting parts are stainless steel and the junction box is made from standard PVC.

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