Providing standard and Ex equipment to communicate with in-house software systems


With our unique combination of experience, suppliers and our fabrication plant, GlobeWeigh have been providing unique solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Pharmaceutical Indicators and Displays

GlobeWeigh has the complete range of pharmaceutical indicators, modules and displays allowing us to communicate with all major systems.

Here are a few of our indicators that are most commonly used in the industry:

Pharmaceutical Scales and Weighing Equipment

GlobeWeigh can provide a full range of Pharmaceutical Scales and Weighing Equipment for all your weighing needs.

Silo and Vessel Weighing

Available with individual load cell capacities from 50kg to 200 tonnes, the GPA kits are designed for rapid installation on tanks, silos, and vessels. The units comprise of low profile, fully sealed, stainless steel load cells, integral mounting hardware, and a stainless steel junction box. Optional weight indicators, smart junction boxes, and local displays complete the comprehensive offering, and full ATEX compliant versions are available for use in hazardous areas. Unlike most competitive units, the GPA load cells come in pre-calibrated sets, making on-site installation extremely simple and, in most applications, removing the need for costly and time-consuming calibration procedures.

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