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Warehouse Management and Traceability System

Written in-house, The GlobeWeigh Warehouse Management and Traceability System has been designed to be an extremely cost-effective, flexible solution for a broad range of industries that require a user friendly warehouse system. This system enables you to carry out a variety of industry-specific tasks depending on the version supplied.

There are 3 distinct areas –

  • intake of pallets
  • warehouse management – put away to locations, stock control and pallet tracking
  • Picking customer orders and dispatch

The system can meet the following criteria: -

  • Be modular in design to accommodate changes or additional modules at a later stage
  • Be sufficient to deal with pallet tracking, intake and dispatch to accurately meet their customers’ needs
  • Be cost effective
  • Be easy to use
  • Provide clear reports to manage stock levels and monthly billing for customers

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