Cheese block labelling

A fast efficient system to ensure maximum output is achieved together with the traceability and reporting tools.

Our Bizerba GLM-I cheese block labelling system provides a fast and efficient solution to ensure maximum output is achieved together with the traceability and reporting tools required for today’s modern production environment. This robust dynamic weighing and labelling system is used extensively throughout the cheese and food industry.

The cheese block labeller has a 30kg capacity and can weigh, print and apply labels at a speed of up to 30 blocks per minute and log all weights in a SQL database. One or two labelling heads can be integrated. This enables operators to maximise production and minimise downtime.

The printer unit has a modular design, which is user friendly and easy to clean and service. Print quality is set to 8 dot/mm 203 dpi resolution. Alternatively, 12 dot/mm 300 dpi is also optional. Each cheese block is allocated a unique product code, production date, block weight and block number. Additional customised data may be added to the label and printed if there is sufficient space to allow it.

The easy to use interface of the GLM-I can be configured by the customer. All software modules are installed on touchscreens within production and despatch areas, with an admin module installed on an office PC. All data is stored in the SQL database for ease of access. Reporting data can be exported to customer specific applications.

The touchscreen can be password protected to allow only certain levels of user access and set to allow operators to view shelf life dates but not modify. The cheese block labelling system can also be configured to restrict the shelf life entry dates to within a set range of dates to reduce the potential of costly operator errors. PLU codes can be linked to the correct product label and voice prompts can be included to guide users to further enhance usability.

After boxing, a label scanner can be used to check if the bar code is readable. Output from the label scanner can stop production or sound an alarm and any damaged packs can be removed and voided from the system.

Upon entry to the pallet station, a pallet manifest is generated by scanning the cheese blocks onto the palletising module on the touchscreen PC. This is then printed onto an A5 adhesive label or A4 sheet, depending on preference. In addition to block numbers, weights and dates, a pallet number is printed to enable pallet tracking.

This system has been adopted by many major cheese producers to meet not only current, but all future requirements.

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