Xray Inspection

The XRE can be used to detect foreign bodies or other product defects such as splits or air pockets in tubes and tins can also be detected, while desired foreign bodies such as aluminium clips at the ends of sausages are ignored

X Ray food inspection is important in the food manufacturing process. Thanks to extremely effective X-ray technology, the Bizerba XRE-D product inspection system ensures product safety and integrity. It helps manufacturers meet IFS and HACCP guidelines, national and international legal regulations as well as trade-specific requirements.

The XRE-D product inspection system can be used to detect foreign bodies which, due to their density, chemical composition or mechanical dimensions, absorb x-rays to a greater or lesser extent than the material surrounding them.

Other product defects such as splits and air pockets in tubes and tins can also be detected, while purposeful foreign bodies such as aluminium clips on sausages ends are ignored.

The Bizerba product inspection system provides new ways to reliably examine products and performs various detection tasks:

  • The system recognises the presence of metals, glass, ceramics, stone, raw bones, PVC, Teflon, rubber, fiberglass reinforced plastics etc. in packaged or unpackaged foodstuffs (non-magnetic stainless steel and non-ferrous metals are also safely detected in aluminium wrapped foods).
  • The system checks whether products in sealed packaging are complete.
  • It can check for jam content within a doughnut and check sardines in a tin and various other products for any foreign objects such as pieces of glass or metal.

Maximum performance with the minimum space requirement

The product inspection system comprises the following components:

  • Transport system
  • X-ray tube
  • Detector unit
  • Evaluation and display software
  • The XRE contains a high-performance industrial PC with visualisation software running on the QNX operating system and a 10″ LCD touchscreen (IP66) provides a fast and simple operator interface.
  • It can be flexibly integrated into the production line via the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface and has various input/output pins for connecting light barriers, ejector systems etc.

Bizerba XRE Inspection Systems are systems you can trust.

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