Vision Inspection

Detects faulty labels, incorrect information, faulty packages, incorrect barcodes and much more

Automated online packaging, labelling, and auto-coding verification systems are in demand from increasingly more retailers.

The multifunctional Bizerba BVS®-L Maxx inspection system is integrated into labelling production lines and is used to automatically check the food label position, the food label text, and the foil colour. With this system, package sizes and barcodes are also verifiable, ensuring each package is 100% quality controlled. The system safeguards the accuracy of labels applied to packages, and any faulty packages are ejected from production. This means each output product meets stringent food safety and inspection requirements.

The Bizerba BVS®-L Maxx is equipped with a high-resolution camera, with automatic height adjustment, and ultra-fast data transfer via a GigE interface. It’s specifically designed for integration in conveyor lines with dynamic checkweighers for complete line control.

In conjunction with the industry software, _statistics.BRAIN and _dataMaintenance.BRAIN, both product and statistical data can be centrally managed.

Package inspection is provided in a compact unit from above and below, and text inspection by means of OCR/OCV checks the following information:

  • Use-by date
  • Price
  • Customer information
  • Product description
  • Preparation guidelines
  • Position and legibility of company logo (brand protection)
  • 1D and 2D barcode verification

The Bizerba BVS®-L Maxx ensures all packages that fall outside of the date range selected in the system will be rejected, preventing out-of-date or short sell-by dated products from reaching your customers.

Furthermore, complete process control and transparency is guaranteed by statistical reporting, preventing incorrect packages at the end of the production ramp. In terms of compliance with production requirements, you will also be protected.


  • Synchronous package inspection by means of two cameras
  • Parallel view of the top and bottom images (individual display option)
  • Manual image review possible
  • Reading of texts (e.g. sell-by date)
  • Belt speeds of up to 110 m/min possible
  • Intuitive user interface: easy “teaching” of package criteria
  • Seamless integration in Bizerba weigh price labellers
  • Data management via industrial software, _dataMaintenance.BRAIN
  • Creation of reports in _statistics.BRAIN, BRAIN2 Capture or other statistics programs
  • Password protected user management

Bizerba inspection systems are 100% safe and do not require spot checks. The system provides:

  • online scanning of packaging barcodes
  • continuous control of date coding
  • guarantees that only the correct information is printed for the product being packed.

This system ensures codes of practice are met, and product recalls are eliminated, for complete food quality inspection and control.

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