Multi-head / flash labelling

Increase throughput and minimize downtime on the production line with combinations of up to six labelling heads and integrated flash labellers.

Multi-head labelling machines increase throughput, minimise downtime and reduce labour costs. Our GLM-I labelling machine can have up to six labellers set-up to deliver top and bottom labelling together with integrated label applicators for flash labelling.

All labellers are controlled from the one colour touchscreen for ease of operation and as a product is selected it can automatically activate either one or any combination of labellers depending on customer requirements.

Product selection can also automatically adjust the labeller height to match variances in pack heights.

As one product is being labelled using one combination of labellers then others may be set up ready for the next customer/product to minimise downtime.

In addition, the integrated flash labeller which is also controlled via the GLM-I touchscreen reduces space on the line and negates additional labour cost.

All label design and data maintenance are centrally controlled with BRAIN software modules.

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