Non Uniform Weighing and Labelling

Automatically weigh and label meat joints, produce or awkward shaped products with the unique V Belt concept, increasing production, reducing line costs

Non-Uniform Product Weighing and Labelling

The Bizerba GLM-I V-Belt is an ideal solution for any non-uniform product weighing. The V-Belt design provides stability to weigh at faster speeds, while also allowing a more accurate application of labels using a rotary applicator. This allows the machine to run with a throughput of up to 40 items per minute, depending on the item dimensions.

Another huge benefit of the V-belt is that within minutes you can adjust the belt to label packs. In doing so you can increase your throughput to 50-60 packs a minute which makes the machine perfect for those with a limited number of awkward products as well as limited space on the factory floor.

The V-Belt is the perfect machine for labelling pork joints, lamb legs/shoulders, beef joints, broccoli, swede/turnips, cauliflower, melons or any other product for which stability would normally be a problem.

Added benefits are:

  • Fast return on investment by providing increased efficiency
  • Adaptable labelling for current and future EU label legislation
  • Complies with the retail code of practice

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