Industrial Weighing

Industrial Weighing

GlobeWeigh provide a range of industrial weighing solutions including platform scales, bench scales and checkweighers to meet the needs of various businesses in the food and drink industry, medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial transport and logistics sectors, among others including. Our products include items manufactured using mild steel, galvanised and stainless steel with ATEX rated options.

These include products such as:

  • Dynamic Checkweigher CWDMaxx
    Dynamic Checkweigher CWDMaxx Checkweighing for dry areas and non-food applicationsThe Bizerba CWDmaxx series of checkweighers are...
  • Dynamic Checkweigher CWEMaxx
    Dynamic Checkweigher CWEMaxx For quality assurance at the highest level.This standard dynamic checkweigher is available in a larg...
  • Dynamic Checkweigher CWFMaxx
    Dynamic Checkweigher CWFMaxx Quality assurance of packaged goods optimised with the CWFmaxx modular checkweighing seriesCWFmaxx m...
  • Marine Scales - Onboard Weighing
    Marine Scales - Onboard Weighing Our Marine scale from Unisystem is one-of-a-kind, approved and verified for legal-for-trade catch we...
  • Medical Scales
    Medical Scales Shekel H551-01 Class III Chair ScaleThis Chair Scale with its patented design maintains Shekels repu...
  • Floor Scales
    Floor Scales Floor Scales:Above ground and made in various sizes, capacities, and materials to suit the environme...
  • Forklift Weighing
    Forklift Weighing LiftWeigh Forklift Mobile WeighingWeighing plays a vital role in warehouse logistics, from both comm...
  • ATEX Pallet Truck Scales
    ATEX Pallet Truck Scales ATEX Pallet Truck Mobile Weighing ScalesWe supply pallet truck scales with built-in electronic weigh...
  • Bench Scales
    Bench Scales As the name suggests, bench scales are typically used for weighing small sized goods on a bench or w...
  • Indicator / Displays
    Indicator / Displays Indicator DisplaysGlobeWeigh offer a comprehensive range of weight indicators, designed to compleme...


Checkweighers are instrumental for quality control and reducing giveaway. A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of packaged goods. It is normally used to ensure that the weight of a product pack is within specified limits. Checkweighers will weigh items as they pass through a production line, classify them by weight and sort the products based on their classifications. The choice of checkweighing system and portioning scales used is typically dictated by application requirements, economic factors and the need for brand protection.

Our state of the art, high-speed checkweighing solutions for the food and logistics industries are extremely flexible thanks to their modular design, which means that they can easily be integrated with existing inspection systems such as X-ray systems, food metal detectors, and vision inspection systems.

We have a large range of inspection systems for use in all areas, including equipment installed in areas that get washed (IP69 testing). This is particularly relevant for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses.

We’ve also developed a dynamic checkweigher for the bakery industry called CWPmaxxBakery and supply complementary products such as weigh price labelling systems. Our GLM-Ievo range boasts a labelling speed of up to 170 packages per minute.

Medical Scales

This range includes floor, chair scales and height rods used by physicians to record the weights, heights and BMI of patients.

Forklift & Pallet Weighing Scales

In a warehouse environment, items need to be weighed whilst still on the forklift or on a pallet. We have a range of weighing solutions for industrial, warehousing and logistics businesses to meet their weighing and reporting needs.

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