Intake Control System

Intake Control system for Yield, Traceability, Production Planning and Stock Management

GlobeWeigh Intake Control System

· Growing yield (Yield per acre)
· Processing Yield
· Traceability
· Production Planning
· Ingredient Stock Control
· Finished Good Stocks
· Finished Goods Costings
At intake there is an opportunity to log all the product against a grower and potentially field number. Based on field size this will provide a growing yield which will allow the grower to benchmark his harvest against previous years or industry expectations.
The processor has an opportunity to grade their growers based on the processed yield of the product. This can also provide feedback if a particular grower has a specific problem with their harvest.
Each box processed will be identified against a batch and traceable back to the source. As ingredient stock is booked into a production batch the  box labels will be scanned to identify and quantify what is being inputted for production. Each production batch will be identified and all the finished product will be labelled with a batch code and barcode. For traceability purposes all batch numbers will be unique. At any stage a batch code can be entered and all the source of that batch as well as the end users can be identified.
Based on the sales orders and stock a production plan can be generated to ensure all ongoing orders have sufficient stock to fulfil. Based on the production yield a bill of materials can also be generated to ensure that enough ingredient stock is used to provide sufficient finished goods output. The production plan module can group similar based products to provide as much efficiency for production. A production plan can prioritise the sequence of batch production as well as assigning it to specific lines.
Based on sales orders and the production planning a bill of materials for ingredient requirement can be generated. This can be compared with stock levels to determine if a re-order level is reached. Stock can be consumed against a production plan or by being booked into production by a scanner.
All labelled product can be put away to finished goods store. Stock can be managed by simple inputs via production and reduced by sales order at dispatch. 
We can provide stock take for both ingredient and finished goods via a scanner.

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