GLM Levo Clean Cut Labelling System

GLM-Ievo CleanCut is the solution for automatically weighing and labelling packaged products.

GLM-Ievo with CleanCut applicator

GLM-Ievo CleanCut labelling system for a visually attractive presentation of your products even with large quantities of information.

GLM-Ievo CleanCut is the solution for automatically weighing and labelling packaged products, fresh food or the alimentary sector.
The benefits with the system which is designed for linerless labels: CleanCut provides you with a beautiful finish with all the information required and at the same time present your product in a visually attractive way. Even if your products are stacked on a Retial Shelf. Consumers see at a glance which food or products they have on display easily.
The CleanCut labelling system produces less waste with the linerless solution - No more waste - Including fully recyclable inner tubing. CleanCut® Linerless labels work w/o liner.Fewer roll changes: Since CleanCut® linerless rolls have no liner they can hold 90 % more labels. This helps increase your production. Alternatively you may be looking for alternative weigh price labelling systems.
Ensure the best possible labelling result. Our intelligent weighing and labelling technology is matched to the properties of Bizerba CleanCut® linerless labels. You benefit from a perfect interaction with all your current systems.
Design a CleanCut® linerless full-wrap solution according to your specific needs. GLM-Ievo CleanCut is available in different versions to match your products. Choose from a top, C-Wrap or CleanCut applicator. Common to all variants: The modular design which allows you to easily integrate the system in your production and to expand it as needed. Contact us for all the technical information if required.
Trademarked CleanCut labelling system is the newest offering from the Bizerba range of products, great consideration has been made with regard the quality, the finish and the sustainability of the consumables used. Bespoke labelling and full ingredients labelling on a full wrap - C wrap or top and bottom application with a throughput speed of over 200 packs per minute. In addition we are offing this system to industry with a contract rather than an outright purchase, allowing business to spread the cost over a time that suited to them.
Area of Use
Sausage and meat products
Strong performance
High productivity up to 120 ppm–Precise labeling for an appealing product presentation
One-stop shop
Weighing and labeling technology + software + CleanCut® linerless labels + global service from a single source
Economic maintenance
Reduced downtime and TCO via remote support
Easy-to-replace wear and tear parts: Belts, printhead
Easy and safe handling
Minimal setup times for an article change: Automatic setting to package size, label position and print area
Correct label for the activated article via Plug-In®-Label function
Yet another highlight for you: Fewer roll changes for more performance. The CleanCut labelling system.

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