GlobeWeigh provide a range of robust weighbridges for the Agriculture sector to help track yields, manage animal feeds and livestock recording

Agricultural Weighing Solutions

GlobeWeigh has provided weighing equipment and related software to the Agricultural Industry in Ireland since 1995. We’ve installed and maintained hundreds of weighbridges from our offices in Co Armagh and Co Cork. Our Agri range of products includes road weighbridges, platform scales, weigh-beams, stainless steel pig weighers, cattle mart weighbridges and associated software.


  • Our most popular farm weighbridge is the SBPMC pit mounted model due to its robust concrete finish, lack of space required, simple, clean foundations and low cost of ownership.
  • Our entry-level CSPM is a surface mounted bridge with plenty of clearance beneath allowing for ease of cleaning. Like the SBPMC it is a concrete infill design.
  • The Eurodeck weighbridge may be installed in a shallow pit or above ground. It is quick to install, and the surface-mounted version is relatively portable.

Platform Scales:

  • Our 1500 Series platforms are used extensively throughout the Agricultural Industry. In particular the 1,200mm x 1,200mm (pallet sized) 3,000kg x 1kg is ideal for weighing tote bags of meal.

Weigh Beams:

  • Our Tree weighs beams were launched to the Irish market in 2015. They are flexible (the beams can be adjusted to the size of the item to be weighed) and come with rodent-proof cable and a mains and battery operated weight display. Weigh beams are suitable for weighing pallets, tote bags, bales and for use under crush/cattle runs.

Pig Scales:

  • We manufacture all stainless steel pig scales. These are usually installed in runs utilising existing plastic flooring. Gates open from both ends to allow two-way traffic

Cattle Marts:

  • We’ve manufactured and installed many customised cattle mart systems throughout Ireland over the years. They are built, galvanised and reassembled for delivery (or built on-site if space is tight). We integrate each one with all of the main software systems for the industry.


  • We have our own in-house software team who can customize solutions to suit your needs. Our range of intelligent Diane weight displays run on Windows CE and can be configured to perform numerous flexible weighing and data collection routines.


Our weighing solutions have multiple applications in the agricultural sector including:

  • Anaerobic Digestion Plants – weighing of silage, food waste etc. is critical to ensure the client gets what he pays for and also to determine the efficiency of his plant
  • Tillage Farmers – calculating yields from the field and produce in storage as well as selling to end users
  • Pig/Cattle/Poultry/Sheep Farmers – ensuring meal purchases are accurate and to ascertain weight gain of livestock
  • Timber and Biomass – weighbridges ranging from simple ticket printing options to Driver Operated Systems. Examples include Biomass plants such as the Lisahally Wood-Burning Power Station in Derry.

Why GlobeWeigh:

  • With over two decades of industry experience, we’ve completed installations in all 32 counties
  • We have coverage throughout Ireland with 30+ staff based across the country and offices in Cork & Armagh
  • We are the largest weighbridge manufacturer in Ireland
  • We will carry out a free site survey

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