Forklift Weighing

The ability to weigh pallets, drums, and IBCs directly from the forklift has significant time and operational advantages on site, low cost, robust weighbridge suitable for environments such as quarry, farms, recycling etc and C-EM approved.

LiftWeigh Forklift Mobile Weighing

Weighing plays a vital role in warehouse logistics, from both commercial and safety standpoints. Having the ability to weigh pallets, drums, and industrial battery chargers (IBCs) directly from the forklift has significant time and operational advantages. However, any retrofit weighing system must be simple to fit and has to withstand harsh industrial environments.

The LiftWeigh system consists of two weigh assemblies, which fit side by side directly on standard forklift carriages without the need for any mechanical alterations to the forklift itself whatsoever. The forks then simply hook onto the weighing units. Robust, fully protected cable assemblies are connected via a junction box to the onboard weight indicator.

LiftWeigh offers:

  • Capacities 2.5 and 4.5 tonnes
  • Very easy installation
  • Unrivalled performance – 0.04% weighed load*
  • High resistance to shock and side loads
  • Reduced risk of overloading/tipping
  • Compatible with Class II, III & IV carriages
  • Excellent environmental sealing
  • Wide range of weight indicators and printers
  • Optional wireless data transmission from the forklift to the base station

LiftWeigh has undergone extensive shock and impact load testing (in accordance with ASTM D642) at an international test house. Tests show that the weighing units can withstand a head-on impact of more than 10 times the weighing capacity without any adverse effects on performance.

*Note: the weighing performance quoted assumes weighing is carried out when a forklift is on level terrain. LiftWeigh has been specifically developed to meet all essential criteria for retrofit forklift truck weighing systems.

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