Portion Control System

Portion Control System to improve operator performance and minimise giveaway

Key Features:

  • Reduce Product Giveaway
  • Operator Performance Monitoring
  • Wall Mounted Display
  • 6 Month Pay Back
  • Up to 16 Terminals Per System
  • Traffic Light System
  • Password Protected
  • All Scales Networked
  • Operator Friendly

Central Database

All the product parameters will be centrally held with password protection for uploading into the scales to avoid unauthorised changes. This will include the target weights and the anticipated throughput in packs per minute. This is also where operators are set up and are then selected by the supervisor and allocated to a workstation.


Operator Monitoring

Against each product there is a target throughput in packs per minute. This is the benchmark that the operators will be measured against. On the operator performance display which can be either wall mounted or simply available in a manager’s office, a colour coded matrix is available. This colour coding will show in order from the top to the bottom who is performing best amongst the operators. It will also show either a red or green icon to highlight if an operator is performing inside the tolerance or is under performing.  To ensure a fairness for performance there is a pause button for each operator if they have to leave their station to perform other duties.



The main reports are going to be product and operator performance.

Operator performance is available per batch, day or week. This allows the opportunity to see if there is a poor performing operator that needs retrained.

Product performance will detail the giveaway per product batch. If a target of say 2% is determined as an acceptable giveaway then each batch can be benchmarked against this. After a batch is started the performance can be monitored in real time and a temporary adjustment can be made to improve the level of giveaway. At all times there would be a parallel monitoring against average weight compliance.


Line Set Up

The floor supervisor or manager can allocate operators to a location, when this is done the product that is being weighed is selected from a drop-down list. This then populates each of the scales with the parameters for that product. This includes the net weight, tare, upper tolerance and projected throughput in packs per minute. This is instantaneous to all stations and is ready for live weighing. The operator is on live time unless the supervisor pauses the operator in a case where they are assigned to a new task. The operator performance is based on the time they were assigned to the line.



Globe partner with Europe’s leading scale manufacturers to ensure high quality scales are used for our projects. Accuracy is required to ensure correct weighing along with the scales being robust and suitable for the environment they are installed in.

The instrumentation that we use is manufactured in Germany by Bizerba. This unit is trade approved and is IP69K ingress protected.

The scales are designed for fast operation so that when an accepted pack is identified by the green traffic light it is instantly recorded to the system avoiding slowing operators down.

For speed of operation the traffic light system has proven to be significantly faster than an operator reading a weight.


In House Team

GlobeWeigh have a team of both in house software developer’s and hardware engineers. Our team is led by a team with a combined experience of over 100 years in software and hardware giving you confidence that we will deliver a turnkey package tailored to your requirements.

Based in both Mullavilly, Co. Armagh and Farmer’s Cross, Cork we have engineers strategically placed across the country to provide with software support supported via online portals.

Globeweigh provide annual calibrations and trade approved verifications.


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